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Remanufacturing Industrial Equipment

Among our wide array of services we also specialize in the remanufacturing of commercial and industrial equipment. If your equipment has been worn down by the toll of time then Elsar Construction Inc. can remanufacture it for a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine. Remanufacturing involves disassembling the machine in question down to component parts, assessing the pieces, discovering and removing the obsolete pieces, cleaning and retrofitting the serviceable parts, then reassembling the machine. Thus, instead of paying for a brand new machine our customers spend their hard earned dollars only on the specific pieces which need replacing. Remanufactured equipment will work just as well as brand new equipment. As an added bonus to the process, remanufacturing is environmentally friendly as it produces much less waste than disposing of old equipment and buying new equipment.

Elsar Construction Inc. has remanufactured numerous industrial machines from mass production printers to automated plastic processing equipment and much more. If your company is located in the Toronto area then we are close at hand to give you help but proximity does not matter for Elsar Construction Inc. Regardless of where your industrial equipment is, if it no longer meeting your expectations then we can get your production back in line. If your business depends on the operation of industrial level equipment then remember that you can depend on Elsar Construction Inc.

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